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Financial Advisors

People who are starting to venture in the business world are looking for the best tips to make this new endeavor easy. They either try to ask for advice and help from friends to spending their first bulk of money hiring financial advisors who they believe would lead them the way to the road of success. Little do they know that all of these people who call themselves as financial gurus are either for real or are good con artists.

Financial Advisors

Choosing the right person to help you plan your finances and manage your own money is one the most significant steps that you will be doing to start your business. But even businesspeople who have been in the business fail to hire the right financial advisor for them. Looking for a financial advisor is difficult especially when this person hasnt even succeeded yet in his own rights. Getting help from someone who has been there and done that is much more practical and believable.

Mr. Dan Pena, the Chairman and Founder of the Guthrie Group which is an investment consortium that is specializing in facilitating business transactions has been giving helpful seminars to those entrepreneurs and even business people who aim to be as successful as any other mogul. He offers seminars that will either open your minds or enhance what you already know in the business world. Being a very dynamic and compelling speaker, his seminars have been in demand in the United States, Canada and Europe. The seminars that he is giving are sponsored by different foreign universities such as Dell and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and he was also a financial advisor to entities as the Vatican and the Los Angeles Police Protective League. Dan has been providing 7-Day Success Seminars in his Guthrie Castle in Scotland for High Performance People. His Quantum Leap Advantage methodology helps you create your dream team for success by helping you the 11 steps to make a Deal and have the plan with no escape. Seminars will also teach you the 7-Steps to Super Success with an entire 950 power point presentation! Seminar attendees will also be given individual time with Dan to discuss your dream, vision and future.
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Debt bombs face the world

Concern about rising government deficits and debt levels worldwide has created an alarm in financial markets. The debt crisis may have not been centre on some countries but all over the world. Many economies are struggling in the financial downturn. It always raises the question of how badly indebted are the major countries of the world. Many countries provided economic stimulus package in 2009 and had put debt payment into this year’s fiscal plan. Most members of the euro zone have sailed past the 3% budget deficit cap required for membership in the common European currency. The following list details some indebted countries including world’s leading economies in terms of foreign debt and percentage of GDP.




Iceland was known as the first subprime nation in the world in 2009. The uncontrolled bubble of lending pushed its debt three times higher than its GDP. This country was forced to go cap-in-hand to the International Monetary Fund for a $ 2.1 billion bailout.


Sovereign Credit Rating: BBB-

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 310%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: -2.0%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -9.9%



Portugal is one of 16 EU countries to share the euro currency. The adoption of currency means that it can not appreciate or depreciate the currency.


Sovereign Credit Rating: A+

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 84.6%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: 0.4%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -7.3%



Unlike other neighboring countries, France is not much affected by the global turndown. This nation aims to bring its budget deficit to fewer than 3% prior to 2014. To meet this goal, it is likely that France will increase rates of two types of credit and apply other measures.


Sovereign Credit Rating: AAA

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 82.6%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: 0.9%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -7.1%



Greece’s budget deficit in 2008 was 12.7%, three times an earlier forecast. The government wants to raise an additional $ 6.5 billion this year through pay freezes for government workers and new taxes.


Sovereign Credit Rating: BBB+

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 124%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: -0.1%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -9%



The largest economy and biggest exporter in Europe encounters difficulties tax policy. This nation’s government cut about $ 12.3 billion of tax to bolster the local economy, which makes its budget deficit reach up to record 4.6% in 2010.


Sovereign Credit Rating: AAA

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 84.5%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: 3.6%

Budget deficit  ratio 2010 (estimate): -4.6%



Bad debt has been one of major hindrances to India’s economy in the recent years. However, its fast GDP growth along with domestic capital flow may help this economy get out of troubles.


Sovereign Credit Rating: BBB-

Debt-to-GDP (2009): 88.9%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: 6.4%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -6.8%



$ 787 billion stimulus package and further billions of dollars pumped into the financial service sector have pushed America’s debt burden to almost 100% of annual GDP to US’s debt. Expected GDP growth of 1.5% in 2010 may help this strong economy partly solve its problem.


Sovereign Credit Rating: AAA

Debt-to-GDP ratio (2009): 93.6%

Estimated GDP growth 2010: 1.5%

Budget deficit ratio 2010 (estimate): -9.9%



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