Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)

Default: the Student Loan Documentary chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry and their strug…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)

  1. colleenschwab

    Higher education should be a right, our country invests more tax dollars
    into fighting wars than into higher education. Going to college shouldn’t
    only be for the rich and elite. The cost of college has sky rocketed, while
    the min wage barley moves.

  2. Michael J

    I don’t think the problem is the loans. Honestly I believe the root of the
    problem is the schools. They are over charging. Period. I also think that
    all school is be paid for by the government. I think they should cover all
    the way through getting an associated degree. I think that gives these kids
    going to school enough time to figure out whether or not college is right
    for them. After associates degree you can charge for education.. Let’s be
    honest here, more people are in default now than ever. And it’s growing.
    Alooooot of these people are not going to pay. Thank god I never went to
    college :)

  3. blackdiamond

    Why is it that poor people get school pay and yet rich people ncan afdord
    yet middle claas people always the one losing 

  4. mtothem1337

    I havent taken a single loan in my life except for borrowing and lending to
    friends, but that has no intrest obviously and is in small amounts you can
    pay back in a few days. i don’t understand why people choose to take big
    loans they won’t be able to pay back in a short amount of time.

    Living a life where you don’t have to worry about debt is so relaxing i
    would urge anyone else not to spend money on useless things they don’t need
    and end up in debt because of it, for example taking out a mortgage,
    lending money to buy a new car and things like that. If you want to buy
    something nice then save up money for it, don’t spend money you don’t have
    with intrest attached.

  5. hotneo7

    These people are losers. They don’t seem like they are the type to go to
    more than one job interview a week. They are unmotivated and won’t take any
    job to gain work experience and then after the recession they set
    themselves up with awkward long gaps in employment because they feel
    entitled to a job market that existed decades ago…things change and these
    people can’t adapt. Walmart wouldn’t hire these morons that borrowed money
    and didn’t understand the terms. They got an education, now nobody is
    putting a gun to their head so they can leave the country and start debt
    free. There’s no reason to stay in America if they haven’t a job and not
    contributing to Social Security that they won’t be able to collect anyways.
    They all look like they just rolled out of bed and none of them talk about
    how many hours a day goes to finding a job that would address their debt.
    The Income Based Repayment of 10% per month is a joke; if you pay a minimum
    it just drags it out longer and then when you get near retirement the rest
    of the debt is wiped out as a gift that is taxable.

  6. Affy Love

    One solution is to make financial education a requirement in our schools.
    In my 20+ years of being a “good student” in “good schools”, I was required
    to learn a lot of subjects, including philosophy, kinesiology, and
    religion, but no one taught me about promissory notes, mortgages, taxes,
    and other things that impact quality of life.

    Do you know that our children are graduating high school without even being
    taught how to email? In 2014. 

  7. Kiko Montes

    I never went to College because I never consider myself has a smart person
    and plus I never have money to go anyway so after High School I started to
    work at the McDonald with my first job than I leave and find another job
    that pay $15 per hour (currently employed) and I been working for 8 years
    now and save about 40 thousand dollars on saving account in case something
    happen to my current job (layoff, closed down). I think about my future
    because I know that if peoples around me disappear I will be alone but at
    least I got the expanded money to support myself in case shit go wrong.

  8. zack zac

    Planning a sophisticated bank or jewelry store heist is the only way to pay
    off these types of college debts.

  9. acpatsalides

    If you dont want to have student loan debt, then dont borrow money in the
    first place. Im sorry to say if you cant aford to pay for university then
    dont go. Dont borrow money you know you are always going to be carrying
    aroudn with you the rest of your life then complain. I understand with
    interest the balance increases if you make low payments, but if your smart
    enough to get into a university then your probably smart enough to work out
    how loans work. You borrow money and pay interest on the money to have it
    now. Just because someone is prepared to lend you money does not mean you
    can afoard it, people should make a plan and ask how will i pay back my
    loan before just taking the money going to university and then complaining
    they cant aford to pay there loans….

  10. jim owen

    The people who are “Entitled” are the baby boomers in office, and the
    banking industry, who really does not care how their utterly irresponsible
    and greedy decisions affect other people, because it’s always lucrative for
    them. I say we do what they did in the Ukraine, and throw Obama into a
    dumpster, vote out the democrats and republicans and introduce the
    “Responsibility” Party; the one that holds corrupt higher educational
    institutions to some kind of standard. The one that doesn’t let the
    financial decisions of a few old white guys (the decisions not to fund
    education) infect the lives of millions of innocent and hard working
    people. I’m so sick of this greedy deceptive country. Seriously, FUCK THIS.

  11. Danielle Lee

    Interest rates have gotten out of control. 6.22% for grad school. I think
    undergrad is around 4% THAT IS INSANE… ugggg

  12. TheBarOst

    This post is intended for those who was deceived by this video.

    There are a lot of emigrants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, like my
    brother, who won a 100% scholarship and got a degree abroad. And English is
    not even their native language.
    It means, that emgirants are even cleverer and more hard working than the
    native population.
    And they do not to work even part time to pay for their study.

  13. Alexandra A

    Oh c’mon! $1,000.00 month for rent?? Well, that’s one big problem! Also, “I
    didn’t know what forbearance meant…” –Uhh well figure it out! Duh!

  14. JesusGodHolySpirit3

    The thing that should be done is NO LOANS OFFERED ABOVE $20,000 and if loan
    is not able to be paid off the degree should be void. Why ruin people with
    FALSE HOPE? Forgive the student debt, but then VOID the certificate as well
    because these people are to blame as well unfortunately.

  15. pdxbound81

    go back to school for 2 years and get a nursing degree. RNs make 25 to 35
    dollars an hour plus sign on bonuses. You will always have a job. Without
    overtime, before taxes, comes out over 4500 a month. Live in a cheap
    apartment and drive a beater car, and pay 2500 a month in loans and you’ll
    pay off 30k per year. Just trying to give some helpful advice. Nursing is a
    tough job but it can be done.

  16. Beth Shatara

    Almost two years later the student loan bubble has not popped, it goes up
    $1,000,000 every 9 minutes.

  17. Phương Lê

    Thua xa tuấn vũ, nghe hạ vy & duy trường hát còn hay hơn, ko thì phương
    dung hát, mới nghe đôi này hát câu đầu mà đã ko muốn nghe tiếp rồi

  18. Tôi Nghèo Ai Yêu

    Moi nguoi co mot cai hay khac nhau ma cac ban.minh thay ca khuc nay may doi
    nhu cac bn noi cung deu hay.

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