How I Paid off $22,000 of Credit Card Debt Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The credit debt witch! Here’s how I killed the wicked old witch of debt and elimi…
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29 thoughts on “How I Paid off $22,000 of Credit Card Debt

  1. Allan Bodington

    That’s fantastic you where able to pay out your debt off, but you should
    advise those out there when you go to these debt agencies that your credit
    history can be impacted for up to ( 6 years ). So if you plan to get a
    family or planing a new home or getting a new car you will need to wait 6
    years till your credit returns to normal. Before you borrow anything from
    (banks) creditors.

  2. His And Her Money

    That’s awesome! I love you how explained the difference between needs and
    wants. So many people don’t realize that they are an impulse shopper. -Tai

  3. Mariya Shubin

    These are definetly ways I have used to keep my debt down. I haven’t been
    able to go “clear” just yet because needs (such as car tires, school
    tuition, occassional wedding even) keep coming up, but I HAVE refinanced a
    lot and transfered credit card amounts into one as much as possible which
    definetly helps to concentrate our income to one pay off place. I am
    currently sacrificing morning coffee purchases and staying our of stores))
    And im only in my early twenties! very sad

  4. sqeze1st

    Hello, I have two credit cards with a debt of $4,700 on one and $1,300 on
    the other. I was thinking about paying off the second card with the first
    because it has a lower interest rate and then I’d only have one bill. Is
    this a bad idea?

  5. Mungo Lewis

    Congratulations on being free of the credit card debt. I have been on my
    debt-free journey since April 2011, I only have £350 ($572) left to pay
    off, which will be paid off next Tuesday (pay day). I know the next 6 and
    a bit days are going to drag, but I am so excited!

  6. Thomas Nitzsche

    CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at +ClearpointCCS!!! Three years wow, you
    must have really bucked down and made some extra payments!

  7. Young Finances

    Here’s how I killed the wicked old witch of debt, eliminating $22,000 of
    credit card debt in just 3 years.

  8. JimmyDog

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  9. Lara Taha

    Idk because when I buy something it tells you that you have to write in
    every thing about the cridit card

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