what is a debt management program online debt management program

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A must watch video for all specially for those who are considering going to US in future!!

25 thoughts on “what is a debt management program online debt management program

  1. luis hinojosa

    Why when creating money the more there is the more it becomes less worth?
    Im not understanding this rule? Why not the more money there is let it stay
    the same? why change the rule?

  2. Lonnie Love

    Tax the rich? Eh they could but it’s not like it’ll go to poverty our gov
    is corrupt the monetary system needs to be abolished its the true cause of
    everything America does.

  3. kalatapie

    there are two easy steps in fixing the debt crisis:
    step 1: increce the taxes on the wealthy people. why? because it is not
    normal for a man to make more money a day than an american makes a lifetime!
    stem 2: reduce military spending. because, seriously, the cold war is over.
    you do not need to spend 20% of your GDP in the military considering that
    there is no major threat for your country.

  4. Marcuss2

    There is idea: Instead of increasing tax for the rich, raise it for the
    poor, so that poor will work more to pay less taxes

  5. Caprican28

    This is why I am in college for an associate of arts degree. When this does
    happen, I’ll be more in demand than a some joe programming $600 mobile
    phones no one can afford. I’m learning skills that would still be
    marketable no matter what so I hope it’s soon.

  6. Dennis Fluttershy

    Sweden has a good eye on what’s happening with the Swedish money.
    Hopefully, this crisis won’t affect me too much. I’m not saying it won’t;
    I’m just hoping it won’t.

  7. Yoda on DMT

    The Global Economic Collapse will be epic beyond belief and very few people
    will survive.

    And all because “the world’s greatest superpower” needs to keep the
    illusion up. 

  8. Mr. DeBello

    Great idea:
    Make a “charity” toward paying off the U.S. debt. Patriotism rises, people
    donate, the country can pay off its debt. The rich will be big in this one.
    But does this make sense?

  9. Nanofuture87

    Fortunately, things didn’t turn out like your video predicted. If anything
    there are actually deflation concerns now. An important note is that the
    U.S. economy hasn’t been dependent on manufacturing for a while now. It
    shifted primarily to services some time ago (which makes sense as that’s
    further along the development curve).

  10. Jose Aguirre

    Raise taxes…. That easy if we raise income taxes about 5% that would
    leave us on a surplus and that would make it 36% in france they pay about
    56% in uk and canada they pay 41% our taxes isnt that bad. If u ask me
    raise taxes that easy. People make a huge deal about shit. If we pay our
    debt little by little out interest will lower and we will even have enough
    money to lower taxes to 31% without having to ask china for money. Plus
    people in usa have lots of tax breaks and we dont get sales taxes the
    states do. We can also lower our spending on the army come on now we are
    not gana take over the world

  11. Schon Fazio

    the $14 trill is a lot but its not unmanageable. Its really not that bad.
    Although i disagree with printing more money as a solution

  12. Harry Pink

    This is cleary rubbish. Every debt has a credit. All that will happen is
    ownership of assets will be redistributed in some way until a stable
    balance is achieved. The economy is a capacitor, a store of energy, and it
    will dischage when the capacity is exceeded. It may explode if there is no
    way to discharge it but it will discharge. The thing is the charge is
    created by those in the system so there is a choice to be made. Remove the
    viruses in the system by reinstalling the operating system or destroy the
    whole thing and start over. It is possible we have no choice in any of
    these things.

  13. Emperor Tikacuti

    The preparation will be, WWIII and the collapse of the American imperial
    economy, because the American Empire owes more than 20 trillion dollars,
    both to the nations of the world and the government. If they continue to
    borrow money from other nations, other nations will feel threatened and
    will rise as anti-Americans, because they don’t want their money to be
    stolen and borrowing money from the bank will lead to serious problems, for
    internal debt, whether banking, IRS, companies, insurances and even health
    care and whatever they’re doing against nations and itself and citizens
    refuse to pay but spend on materials and products, the fault will not be
    the government but the people as well, because the American Empire isn’t
    ruled by the government but by the people, who caused the collapse and
    starting a war against nations for resource like Nazi Germany. WWIII will
    lead the collapse of the American Empire and Capitalism, ending the Cold
    War and other problems and that time will come, when the bomb hits.

  14. Eduardobarthwe

    Why not do the following? It may not solve the problem but helps:

    Step 1: Create money (Inflation goes up)

    Step 2: Buy inflated foreign currency. (dollar goes out, foreign goes in,
    Zimbabye for example (Inflation goes down?) )

    Step 3: Foreign government stabilises by the influx of dollars. (Meanwhile
    USA is like “meh”)

    Step 4: Stabilized government buys American stuff with their bettered
    currency. (Monies!)

    Step 5: Profit.

    Step 6: Get sh*t together and start deflation. (opposite of inflation)

    Step 6.1: Congratulate self.

    Step 6.5: Threaten Foreign with inflation by releasing currency bought in
    the market. (so they keep buying from the US)

    Step 7: Repeat if necessary.

    Step 8: Buy beer to celebrate a job well done.

  15. Marcanthony Kazuo Hosono

    I doubt and challenge your claims presented. If you watch the Khan Academy
    video series of US Debt and the CGPGrey video on the US Debt you’d question
    the veracity of the presenter’s claims.

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