What They Don’t Teach in Business School about Entrepreneurship

Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship. Description: A group of entrepreneurs talk about what they learned in the trenches that they never could have le…
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36 thoughts on “What They Don’t Teach in Business School about Entrepreneurship

  1. a DIY Car Guy

    A personal finance class should be required for any non-business majors.
    Colleges don’t teach how to balance a checkbook because that is an
    antiquated thing best left to high school education.

  2. The Hell Brothers

    Schools just don’t teach the common sense stuff in business school and the
    dedication you have to put towards your business to make it work.

  3. Sumgai

    55:00 – Heh. I have almost the same experience. We get together for
    meetings. But the problem is that it’s to get the subordinates to do
    something while the managers kick back. I have little respect for managers
    at my previous company. The subordinates do almost everything while the
    managers pinpoint what’s wrong AFTER an incident’s occurred. Then they push
    the blame to the subordinates because….well, it’s the peons who did all
    the work! “I didn’t do it! Blame the one who did the job!”

  4. filter80808

    Excellent video. There exists one glaring omission in the route to
    entrepreneurial success: LUCK. For every successful venture, a dozen or
    more lie in its wake. And one piece of advice for future MBAs: if you want
    to learn to be an entrepreneur, skip school altogether and start a company.
    You’ll learn more by investing your precious time and money into setting it
    up, growing it, scaling it, and selling it. MBA programs seem to do little
    more than polishing future consultants or bankers.

  5. EngineeringFun

    The sequoia guy should stop producing noise and listen more to the three
    real entreprenurs.

  6. John Doh

    He’s put off by the guy in the striped blue shirt. It seemed he felt
    undermined by the suggestion that he was only successful by default because
    he started at the dawn of the internet age.

  7. akell2

    You need to look again at your finance course concerning leverage. Bank are
    not in debt because they don’t teach in schools how to balance checkbook…
    Leverage (and thus very high ration D/E) : you amplify your gain with a
    minimum amount of capital which is one of the main idea of leverage.

  8. UnitedPebbles

    Hey so are you an avid listener/learner? Then tell me what the main points
    of this video…you may get a job with Stanford.

  9. aerton1

    Is it me, but it feels like those start-ups are just a way to rip stock
    market “investors”? Looks like only the woman in the middle has an actual
    business that serves people and generates revenues, everybody else is in it
    for a gamble. Shouldn’t BSchools be ashamed of it? Or feel that something
    is odd here?…

  10. Zer0XoL

    Oh yeaaah, gotta get all these numbers called monnies so i can grow as a
    part of a system that is internally the same size, lets not go and explore
    space, lets explore the “economy”

  11. angelcarnivore

    7 years sales experience, baby! If you’re looking to get experience- work
    part-time in retail, if only for the experience in what customers are
    like/how to work with them.

  12. Boo Radley

    When she spoke later to the women about how entrepreneurship was compatible
    with being a mother, it was really just an excuse to try and flog them some
    Farley’s Rusks.

  13. goodgirlsguide

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    and $3000 and $15,000 they will brainwash you to buy from them.

  14. depecheddurand

    He dont give us any real tips just bunch of phsycological bs .He begins
    with drawing his rich n poor dad graph to hipnotize us. The whole purpose
    behind is to market his book poor dad n rich dad we wont remember anything
    after this video but rich n poor dad name so we go buy his book through
    bars n noble or amazon.The best tip i can give you all is “Its all about
    consistancy & hard work and determination”. The real advice i get is by
    listening to all of them and grasping important info from them and
    forgeting rest of the jung they tell us then combine all of the info and

  15. Chaziel Lim

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